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The advantages of residence permit in Europe


The advantages of residence permit in Europe

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The advantages of residence permit in Europe

The advantages of residence permit in Europe

  • Having a residence permit in Lithuania, you can get a visa to countries such as USA, Canada, UK or Australia in much easier way

  • You are getting all social benefits as citizens of Lithuania. Such as maternity benefits, medical care, the possibility of free education and many more. In other words, you get all the rights of a citizen of Lithuania, the exception is political right.
  • As an owner of a temporary residence permit in Lithuania for five years, you can apply for permanent resident status in the EU.
  • Moreover after 10 years from the date of receipt of the first residence permit in Lithuania, you have the right to obtain Lithuanian citizenship.
  • You have the right to buy a car and use it outside the EU territory.
  • During the process of obtaining for residence permit, a parent of minor children has a right to issue a statement for them.
  • If you are using a business migration, the spouse (not being a shareholder in the company) receives a residence permit just after you.


Member countries in the Schengen Agreement
The Schengen agreement was signed by 25 states. With the exception of three countries, all these states are members of the European Union.
Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, which joined the eurozone in 2008, are the members of the Nordic Passport Union and are officially classified as a states, which are connected with the Schengen activities of the European Union.

We can say with confidence that all holders of a residence permit in Lithuania, are entitled to visa-free entry, presence or movement on the territory of all countries of the Schengen agreement.