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Payday Loan & Cash Advance Comparison

It is useful to research online services for payday loans or cash advances. Although lenders guarantee good service and low rates, screening the loan options is wise. Since lenders are legally required to make their lending policies public knowledge, you can compare rates, fees, application processing, and customer service.

Payday Loan

Terms Of Payday Loan Agreements

Having a written agreement avoids confusion in repayment options. In ideal conditions, you will repay your advance with your next paycheck. If you are unexpectedly unable to repay your loan, you can explore your repayment options with a written agreement. Many lenders accept minimum payments on accrued interest. So, inform yourself about possible late fees that will accumulate.


Comparing Loan Rates

Quick repayment is typical for short-term two-week loans, but it is still smart to compare interest rates. Secure the lowest rate, even if other terms of the agreement are appealing. Since the Truth in Lending laws require that lenders make their Annual Percentage Yield (APR) rates public, interest rates are accessible and usually found on lender websites under headings such as APR Disclosure, FAQ, or Loan Information. Alternatively, email the lender and request the current rates.


Additional Fees

Additional fees beyond loan interest rates increase the loan's total cost. Certain loans charge processing fees, while others have a one time financing charge. This information is disclosed with interest rates, so you can compare the actual cost of the loan.


Customer Service

Find a lender with good customer service standards. Although you may not need it, the ability to contact a representative with your questions through email, phone, or fax is important. It limits any confusion while applying or amending the terms of your agreement.


Paperless Applications

Many lenders can process fax-free and paperless applications online, which ensure quick loan approval times. Since credit checks are not required for payday loans, the only information needed is your personal contact information and employment history. Following approval, cash advances are deposited in your checking account on either the same or the next day. 

Source: www.samedaypayday.com

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