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How to Do Fake Nails

How To Remove Acrylic NailsEvery girl knows that beautiful fingernails can give you that little extra pop or be the finishing touch on your look for a big day whether it's prom, a wedding, or some other special event. Many of you budgeting bomb shells know that when you're watching your nickels and dimes, applying artificial fingernails at home may be the way to go. I'll show how to do fake nails.

Buy a false fingernail kit that has your desired look. False fingernails come decorated with everything from natural colors to wild and wacky embellishments. You can find animal prints, jewels, and a huge range of other images and designs. Check out drug stores or look online to choose your style.

False fingernails come in various sizes so open your package and find which ten fingernails lay comfortably on your natural nails before beginning the application. Cut your natural fingernails to just above the tip of your finger. There should be very little or no white tops on your fingernails. Artificial fingernails will adhere better to your shortened natural nails.

Soak your hands in a moisturizing mixture of water and body wash or bubble bath for about 10 minutes. Your fingernails need moisture too! Soaking your hands moisturizes them, removes dirt, and softens your cuticles. Once your cuticles are softened, push them back with an orange stick. Generously apply lotion on your hands and nails then wash your hands.

Begin applying your first fingernail. Turn the artificial nail over with the curved side down so you can see the side you will glue to your fingernail. Apply half a drop of glue to the nail. Then apply half of a drop of nail glue to the natural fingernail it will be matched with (more than half of a drop will leave glue oozing out of the sides of your nail). Align the false nail with your cuticle and press the artificial nail onto the natural nail. Hold the fake nail firmly on top of your natural nail for 30 seconds then apply the rest of your fingernails in this same way.

Wait at least an hour before filing fingernails or doing any activities that may affect your new gell nails (including washing dishes or typing on the computer). If air bubbles occur, they can be more than just unsightly, they are also likely to lessen the life of your artificial fingernails. If you apply a fingernail and find that you have an air bubble, soak your fingertip in an acetone-based artificial nail remover. Wash and dry your hands then use the same process to re-apply that fingernail. Enjoy your killer manicure!

At-home artificial fingernails can be just as beautiful as manicuring your natural nails or having your nails done in a salon. They are also a cost effective alternative to other nail treatments. However, if you're looking for a long term, every day nail treatment, you may consider artificial nails from a salon. Gel fingernails and artificial nails from a salon require much less upkeep than at home options. Gel nails and acrylic fingernails from a salon also stay on your nails longer than many false fingernail kits and require fewer replacements of broken or lost nails.

How to remove acrylic nails at hom?

Getting acrylic nails at the saloon can get pretty pricey, as is having them removed there. Thankfully you can do both at home these days. To add your own acrylic nails, purchase a kit in the drugstore. Once you grow tired of them, here's how to remove them at home.

You can remove acrylic nails two different ways. You can purchase a professional acrylic nail removal kit at your local drug store, or you can invest a dollar or two in a large bottle of nail polish remover. Make sure you buy a kind that has acetone in it, not one of the gentler nail polish removers on the market these days.

Lay out several pages of newspaper on your kitchen table to prevent spills. Keep several paper towels close by as well to wipe off nail polish, dry your hands off and put the acrylic nails on as they come off.

Clip your nails as short as possible to make the process easier. Next apply some petroleum jelly to your fingers (except the nails) to prevent your skin from drying out completely during the soaking.

Pour the entire bottle of nail polish remover in a bowl. Warm it up in the microwave to make the process faster and easier. Soak your fingernails for about 15 to 20 minutes. The acrylic nails should start to come apart from your natural nail at this point. Gently peel them back a little and soak longer if they still seem pretty attached. Repeat this process until you can easily peel the entire acrylic nail off. Don't force it, or you risk ripping your own nail out of the nail bed, which is very painful.

Wash your hands several times when you're done to get all the acetone off. Use a good hand moisturizer. The acetone dries your skin out. Your nails will look very rough from the acrylic coming off. Use a nail buffer to smooth them out. They'll start looking better after a few days.

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